MossIA reached important milestone by completing jet grouting activities at Circle K worksite in Moss centre

MossIA celebrated this important milestone Wednesday, October 6 with coffee and cake with 70 colleagues and guests.

The works at the Circle K location started in April 2021 and were completed without serious incident and on time. In order to build the future Moss railway tunnel safely under this location with low rock overburden, extensive jet grouting has been performed with our subcontractor Keller by placing 650 jet grout columns to stabilize the soft soil by creating a solid concrete block.

“Completion of jet grouting at Circle K is a significant milestone. We finished the works on time and most importantly without incident during a pandemic,” said MossIA project director Ragnar Reitan.

Key facts

  • 650 jet grout columns
  • 2,420 meters produced columns
  • Approx. 3,700 tons of cement

SMS 2A project

The SMS 2A project is an important part of Bane NOR’s InterCity initiative and will be completed by the joint-venture company MossIA which consists of Implenia Norge and ACCIONA.

A double track is being built through Moss municipality, from Sandbukta in the north to Såstad in the south. The project consists of 10 kilometers of new double track through the city of Moss with two new tunnels consisting of the Moss tunnel in the north and the Carlberg tunnel in the south, in addition to a new train station in Moss centre.

Site Engineer Special Foundations Christine Kiener started the celebration by cutting the cake.
From left: Osman Besler, Keller Project Manager, and Brandon Robinson, Deputy Project Manager, Keller Geoteknikk AS, enjoyed the milestone celebration.
More than 70 colleagues and guests took part in the milestone celebration. The celebration took place inside a fenced-off area in the Circle K building where personal protective equipment was permitted, but not mandatory.
The actual jet grouting block was executed 20 meters below ground.
Jet grouting at Circle K, April 2021